Controller Bay, Nuku Hiva

Next we anchored on the center lobe of Controller Bay off the village of Taipivai. Sometimes you can get your dinghy up the mouth of the river to the village. Other times it’s a beach landing. Our beach landing skills were very rusty. We managed to swamp the dinghy coming and going from the beach.

From Taipivai there is an archeological site and a waterfall. We made it to a small archaeological site. Rain remains a constant and we enjoyed the cooling effect it brings. The evening and night was rich with the heavy fragrance of flowers.

The local magasine had warm fruit hand pies and refused to take money for the giant bananas she gave us. The generosity here is humbling.

2 Replies to “Controller Bay, Nuku Hiva”

  1. Dear ones,
    What a wonderful experience! Beautiful pics, wonderful people and awesome scenery! Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers. Luv, mom (Grama)


  2. Spectacularly Beautiful location !
    Looks like breakfast will be bananas served with more bananas. LOL
    Love the photos!
    Love you all so much!!


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