Daniel’s Bay, Nuku Hiva

The final bay on our small circumlocution of Nuku Hiva was Daniels’s Bay. So named for Daniel who lived there for many many years. The story goes, as told by his granddaughter, that Daniel was told cruisers needed fruit and veggies and citrus after a long voyage. So, he planted fruit trees. Every cruiser that shows up is generously given a literal wheelbarrow full of pamplemousse, pomelo, limes, bananas, etc. no charge. Daniel sadly died, but his granddaughter proudly carries on the tradition happily talking at length with cruisers and sending us off with as much as our backpacks will hold. Everyone in the valley is related and together they maintain the beautiful hike to the water fall.

After our hike we ate lunch provided by Tieki and Kua. Grilled tuna with fruit salad and fried breadfruit. Mmmm. A stunning day.

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